Jackson Tyler
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 248

When internet influencer Nikolai Fraser sublets his apartment to technophobic luddite Samuel Moran, there’s instant chemistry between them. But sometimes chemistry blows up in your face.Nik has hundreds of thousands of adoring followers online. In the real world, he has a scumbag ex-roommate and a ransacked apartment. Samuel might be a pompous bastard who’s uncomfortably attractive, but he’s not a thief, which is all Nik needs in a new roommate. After Samuel moves in, the fun really begins — for him, at least. He leaves his stuff all over the apartment, brings his friends over for loud benefits, and seizes every chance to get a rise out of Nik. Samuel is the sort of guy who would rather read an encyclopedia than use a search engine, and he won’t shut up about it. Nik is infuriated by Samuel’s superiority complex, but he’s even more annoyed by how much he enjoys their ...
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