Kathy Flora
ASIN: B07J47Z28X
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Pages: 253

You are NOT Alone!Over 15.7 million people today are caring for a loved one with dementia.As caregivers, it’s easy for us to feel isolated. If you’re weary of the heartache and losses you both suffer, of the restless nights and chaotic days, then you know that our frustrations, helplessness, and fear can drive us to our knees. Dementia is cruel.But the caregiving journey that we are on also offers unexpected, uplifting gifts:•profound personal insight•explosive spiritual growth•discovery of our deepest selfAll of these gifts are buried, to be uncovered in the experience of walking alongside.Caregiving is tough, yet it can open a channel to accessible grace that will change your life forever.Walking My Momma Home is a memoir of my mom and me. It’s about love, hope, uncertainty, role reversal, courage and the raw humanity in Mom's experience of losing herself to the disease. ...
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