Bill Richards
ASIN: B07J499ZN1
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 73

My heart raced as I was being dragged face down by a one hundred forty pound Akita in the middle of a canine / kitty ruckus. At a later time, I mounted a rescue mission for one of my kitty clients, stuck on an east coast barrier island with a hurricane barreling in.Welcome to my ten year pet sitting odyssey, starting at the young age of sixty five!A collection of fun, humorous and heart stopping tales and adventures, coupled with a simplified start up guide for the aspiring professional pet sitter. All the tools needed to successfully operate a pet sitting business are spelled out and loads of advice is given on the mistakes to avoid.The question "is pet sitting right for you" is clearly answered in this book.In sight is provided for the recently retired person, looking for a meaningful and rewarding second career, and to the corporate types who have been downsized by the robot ...
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