Evelyn Boyett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 371

Ten years after his wife and son’s untimely death, and Cal Benson is still chasing ghosts.To bury the grief, he threw himself into work at the Garrett Ranch with a vengeance, rising to the position of foreman. His arms may have been empty, but his time is always full. It’s a way to get by at least. Cal’s peaceful if lonely existence is thrown into turmoil when he discovers a land grab in progress. When he visits the neighboring ranch to confront its owner, he discovers a secret that has been buried for close twenty years.Emily Carson is a ghost, or may as well be.Trapped on her father’s ranch and at the mercy of his ranch hands day and night, Emily prays for some escape. When Cal Benson barges onto her father’s property, she can’t help but feel like someone above has finally decided to listen. But of course, fate is never that kind, and love is never simple. Emily knows that ...
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