Frank Reteguiz
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 213

Would You Sell Your Soul to the Devil to Save the One You Love?For those who love Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Dean Koontz then prepare for a wild ride of mystery, terror, and courage.“You’re only as noble as your choices, Mister Glass.” Llewyn Glass, a disillusioned lawyer and former Catholic priest, sold his soul to the Devil to save the love of his life, only to find out he was conned into doing so. With only a few months left to live, he has until Halloween to find a way out of his deal or he'll spend eternity in Hell. Assisted by the mysterious but well-connected Sister Abigail, Llewyn is sent across the world to face gods and monsters in the hope that his strange odyssey will lead to his salvation. But every solution he finds comes with a price which may not cost only his soul but all of humanity.
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