D J Harrison
Publisher: Lume Books (October 18, 2018)
Pages: 245

Limited Liability is the third novel in the Jenny Parker series and she finds herself playing a more perilous game than ever. Caught between the demands of the National Crime Agency and the need to evade the gangs who want her dead, Jenny continues her money-laundering activities while trying to keep them all at bay. In desperation, she buys protection from a dangerous criminal even though she knows he was implicated in the death of her lover.Despite everything, Jenny never stops looking for Kat, her friend Lottie’s twin sister, whom she fears has fallen prey to sex traffickers. Although after earlier escapades Jenny feels better equipped to survive in a world where everyone seems out to get her, she is ultimately forced to contemplate betraying the one person who has always stood firmly by her side. And the stakes climb even higher when villains seize Jenny’s little boy Toby as the ...
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5 stars from 22 ratings
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