Jennifer Peel
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 332

"This is a story I will definitely read again and again. It is one of the most touching, yet entertaining stories I have read this year." Charissa from Joy in the Moments ★★★★★I have a famous secret, but it's not the biggest one I keep.From an outside view, my life would be the definition of boring. I'm married to a landscaper, albeit a very attractive one, I drive an old cheap car, and I write articles for an online magazine. So, maybe I've been a constant fixture on the New York Times Best Sellers list for the last few years, but that secret is locked safely in my attic.Here's a word of advice. If you want to keep a secret, don't tease your mother-in-law about what's in that attic, especially when her life goal is to save her son from you. Now that my famous secret is out, past acquaintances willing to do anything to get their own fifteen minutes of fame are lying to the media about ...
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