Alex C Vick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 707

A hidden world. A broken promise. Do you believe in magic?Jax is a fourteen-year-old magic-taker from Androva. He's also a rule breaker. He should not have opened a portal to our world in daylight, no matter how fed up he was with the rules, or how interested he was in Shannon.Shannon considers herself to be ordinary. She loves escaping into fantasy books, but she never actually believed in magic. Not until the day she opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by it. When Shannon first touches the silver force field created by Jax, a treaty is broken, giving an ancient enemy the chance he needs to regain his power. The two teenagers don't have much time to figure out what is going on, and they're going to need all of their combined magical ability to stand a chance of surviving. They'll face more than one murderous villain before their adventures are over...The Legacy of Androva is a ...
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