Maxx Whittaker
Publisher: Saving Throw Ink
Pages: 113

A Wager of Souls & Blood  Tamlir Kynthelig has fought deeper into the temple than any aspirant before...Or so he believes. His plan for revenge against King Mynogin takes a turn as Lir reaches the temple's half-way point. Stakes raise in the final four realms, and Lir discovers that his greatest enemy isn't quite who he thought, and it's the only force capable of interfering in his trials. Mordenn, the god of death, is a collector, and his hall presently lacks one fearless mercenary prince & eight rare artifacts. Lir must now fight the trials and the dark side of the Pantheon if he wants to earn the temple's reward. He's played the game cleverly, lent strength and skill unimaginable by the artifacts he's freed. Fearlessness has even won him an unexpected ally. But while Tamlir may have the god of war up his sleeve, the god of death is about to play his favorite card... The ...
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