Sarah England
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 316

An eerie, supernatural thriller set in a Victorian asylum in the heart of Wales. Warning - contains highly disturbing material!1893, and nineteen year old Flora George is admitted to a remote asylum with no idea why she is there, what happened to her child, or how her wealthy family could have abandoned her to such a fate. However, within a short space of time it becomes apparent she must save herself from something far worse than that of a harsh regime.2018, and forty-one year old Isobel Lee moves into the gatehouse of what was once the old asylum. A reluctant medium, it is with dismay she realises there is a terrible secret here - one desperate to be heard. Angry and upset, Isobel baulks at what she must now face. But with the help of local dark arts practitioner, Branwen, face it she must.This is a dark story of human cruelty, folklore and superstition. But the human spirit can and ...
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