Jo Noelle
Publisher: Little Box Press LLC
Pages: 167

Two couples. One love potion. And a whole lot of mayhem!Henry Stoepel, Earl of Saalfeld has loved Lady May Cottrell since they were children. He’s proposed three times. She hasn’t said no, but she hasn’t said yes. He decides to give it one more try at his friend’s Christmas ball, knowing this time he might get the answer he dreads. Mr. Everett Hawley and Lady Lucy Radnor have been engaged for several months. The banns have been read, but her parents invent flimsy excuses to postpone the wedding date. Everett is determined to force her parents to fulfill the marriage contract at the Christmas ball. When a little faerie magic gets mixed with mistletoe, both couples are plunged into mischief and mayhem. Will either get a happily ever after?From the Author:Thank you for choosing the second book in the Twickenham Manor Time Travel series, Midwinter Mayhem, a sweet, swoony time slip novel. ...
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