Terri Grace
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 67

Emily and Emma Dyke are lovely little girls who are always grateful even though life hasn’t been easy for them. But this Thanksgiving, they have just one prayer and desire and that is to see their father smile again. Listening to the sermon of a visiting preacher at church in Camden, New Jersey makes Marjory Brett decide to give these two little girls what they need. So she decides to make the journey to Stoneville, Nebraska to fulfill their wishes, even though she has no idea how she’s going to make their father smile again. She prays that she will be able to help bring an answer to the little girls’ prayer. Life has been tough for Gerald Dyke ever since his wife Mary died two years ago. His poultry business failed and his fish pond gets infested by wild ducks, denying him the chance of earning a living. Thanksgiving is coming and he doesn’t know what he’s going to feed his ...
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