Emma Linfield
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 456

Would you sacrifice the love of your life for the salvation of your family?Adelaide has it all. Youth, a loving family, an unconventional personality and a serious misconception about true love that makes her betroth a very dangerous man, the Duke of Bradford. However, shortly after her betrothal, she discovers she is in love with her friend since childhood, Jasper Fitzwilliam.Jasper, the handsome Viscount Gillet, tries to warn Adelaide about the Duke but his efforts are fruitless: it’s too late now to call off the engagement. The evil Duke knows a well-kept secret — the financial ruination of Adelaide's family — and threatens to destroy everyone she loves if they don't comply with his sadistic wishes.In this quest for salvation, where the stakes are high and time is his enemy, Jasper is the only one who can save her family...by offering his own sacrifice.*If you like powerful and ...
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5 stars from 97 ratings
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