Alice May Ball
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 251

SHE NEEDS CLOSE PROTECTIONBUT HOW CLOSE WILL HE GET?Luka has some very special skillsets but his dishonorable discharge from the Navy SEALs compels him to take whatever work he can get.When Alexa’s abusive mobster fiancée engages Luka as her close protection bodyguard, Alexa and Luka already share a secret that crackles with explosive chemistry. If the mobster finds out, it could get both of them killed.Opposites attract. Luka is hard, rational and tough. Alexa is intuitive and instinctual. Try as she might, she cannot ignore how her heart thumps whenever he is close.Alexa’s fiancée keeps a deadly appointment and leaves her in danger of becoming a loose end. Secrets beget secrets, plots, double-crosses, kidnapping and murder. Can Luka and Alexa resolve their conflicts and survive long enough, hold on tight enough, to come together?Bound hard and tight to her bodyguard, they both ...
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