Carlton Brown
Publisher: Atitlan Press
Pages: 312

FREE e-Book: Mitigating the Risks of a 21st Century Climate Switch to a Global Cooling Phase before Running Out of Proven Oil and Gas Reserves in the Cold and Famine-prone Decades ahead:There is an urgent need to prepare the world for a 21st-century climate switch to a cooling phase, and this current grand solar minimum is a prime time for that switch. The world will face natural climate change-related risks during the current grand solar minimum period—risks dismissed or ignored by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) because of its constraining UNFCCC Articles 1 and 2. Solar scientists expert in climate change are warning us of a 21st-century global cooling, but the IPCC process has dismissed their science and that of other climate sub-disciplines. Climate-forcing volcanism, Arctic glacier expansion, rapid climate change, and the climate- and volcanic-related ...
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