Rachel Taylor
Publisher: Lounge Chair Literature
Pages: 202

Cara plans to ruin Beau to find her own fame and fortune, but what happens when she falls in love with him instead? Beau Bennett has it all — a billion dollar bank account, movie star good looks, and the lead role in a new, hit movie. But none of it satisfies the ache he feels for something more.​Fledgling reporter Cara doesn’t have the same infatuation with Beau as everyone else, but she is obsessed with getting her name under a headline, and getting back at Beau for ruining what was supposed to be her big break.When Cara discovers Beau hiding from a media scandal at the Sweet Bay Resort, she knows fate has given her a second chance at the story of a lifetime. She poses as a housekeeper, hoping to catch the playboy billionaire in a compromising situation so she can write a scathing article, exposing his many indiscretions. If only Beau would cooperate.Instead of trouble, Beau ...
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5 stars from 14 ratings
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