R.C. Bowman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 332

A little girl found a leg on the shore of my lake.The authorities won’t drain the lake to look for the rest of the body. They say it’s impossible, that five thousand acres is too much, even to look into a potential murder.The thing is… they emptied it out a while ago just to clean up some old sewage. They absolutely can drain the lake if they want to.But maybe they know better than to try.-From "The Lake"THE ONES WHO NEVER CAME BACK is a collection of horror stories. Some are short and visceral with sudden and terrifying impact, while others are extended and elaborate mysteries. From monsters and supernatural encounters to killers and psychological thrillers, this collection has something for anyone looking for quick exciting reads.     Praise for the book"...Some of the creepiest reads i've read in awhile."★★★★★ Review"Any horror fan will love every creepy tale ...
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