Tracy Cooper-Posey
Publisher: Stories Rule Press
Pages: 374

No one is who they seem to be. No one at all…When her lover and partner, Denis, dies in a random terrorist bombing, Quinn craves answers no one can give her.An international businessman, Elijah Aslan, who says he once knew Denis well, seems to need the same answers. He alone understands Quinn’s pain.Yet Aslan is not the simple businessman he appears to be. Flagged by the CIA, Aslan’s contact with Quinn sends up alarms and thrusts Quinn into the middle of an affair with unseen roots in Denis’ past, and with world-shaking consequences if Quinn doesn’t play her part perfectly…This romantic thriller is the first book in the Project Kobra series.1.0: Hunting The Kobra2.0: Inside Man3.0: Heart Strike…and more to come!____Praise for Hunting the Kobra:Bestseller, Espionage Thrillers Hot New ReleasesJust when you think you know exactly where the story is going she steers it in the opposite ...
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