Taran Singh
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 81

Time and knots is a poetry collection that knocks on the envelope of time and brings to light our pivotal journeys. The collection set in the periscope of seasons, where turns of life, the essence of time and the quest of breath all set a grand stage of words.Timeticks faster than exhales of breath.From one undone to another,life unfolds.Why does time have needles— Paced for reasonwithin measurable tides,long arms divide seeded drives,short legs with memorable deptha consistent tick.The bang stays afloatfrom pod to plant and plant to pod.The unwary undone leashes what’s done.A Poetis an opus of rising crestsand plunging troughs,nodes anchoring our chain-links.In the wave of his craftour pulse and knots ridebeyond residue and decreeof the currents, a flag bearer of revolt.When darkness runs roil,his pen dismantles the illusionand his ink an illuminance.Within his churn,the chapters ...
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