P.K. Lentz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 379

Alien overlords keep Earth in a permanent Dark Age.The Jir have sent starships many times to destroy the cities of Earth and stifle its technological advancement. Empires are dust. Only nomadic cultures thrive.Born a princess, Arixa gave up palace life to ride the plains of Scythia at the head of a war band, the Dawn. When a chance alien encounter leaves Arixa with knowledge of an impending Jir devastation, there is no question of whether to fight back. The only question is how, when the most advanced weapons known in Scythia are made of iron.Luckily, Arixa's will is also iron. With a loyal war-band at her back, she will seek a way to save her homeland and make the enemies of humanity pay. She will equip her warriors to face a new foe on a new battlefield.The Dark Age must end. A new Dawn will rise.If you've enjoyed Weber's Honorverse, Elizabeth Moon's Vatta or Tanya Huff's Valor, but ...
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