Dora Hiers
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 193

Torturous nights spent alone, worrying about her undercover detective husband’s whereabouts. Resenting his constant companion—danger—and the thousands of unanswered phone calls and texts. And then that dreaded call, the one she knew would come eventually. After his tragic death, Avery Derose doesn’t want any part of that life anymore and opens The Favor, a shelter for troubled and hurting teens. Among her first guests? A frightened runaway and…Deputy US Marshal Trent Burdine, a man who challenges her vow never to love another lawman.Some days Trent Burdine doesn’t like his job. Like the day his boss ordered him to protect Derose’s widow from an escaped felon. Trent shoulders enough guilt and responsibility over her husband’s death. Soon he realizes he’s the one who needs protection…from his growing feelings for her. As danger closes in, will the truth indeed set them ...
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4.5 stars from 13 ratings Rating:
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