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This short eBook (49 pages) covers simple ways ANY rider can increase their dressage scores.Many riders across the globe are throwing away lots of marks in their dressage tests due to silly mistakes such as lack of preparation, sloppy riding, and poor presentation. They’re turning potential 8s into 6s due to faults that can be corrected in a heartbeat. And most of the time, riders are not even aware that they're guilty of making easily corrected mark-losing errors!Yes, your horse's way of going is important; you're never going to win a dressage competition if your horse is stargazing with his hocks trailing behind him. But often, classes are won or lost based on the rider's test-riding ability and test presentation. And judges see it time and time again.One extra mark in dressage can make all the difference, and in this eBook, we're going to share with you lots of ways in which you can ...
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