Lisa Prysock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 207

Nicole Maribella Beaumont liked everything exactly the way it was going. She had a practically perfect life with her daughter in their Santa Monica beach house and a fabulous career as an American actress. Why did Drew have to mess everything up by proposing? Then again, they were a happy couple when they were together, weren't they? Drew Fairchild was the sole heir to Fairchild Studios and a Hollywood Legacy. He’d helped build her successful acting career. Marrying him would be almost a dream come true in so many ways. Besides, if she didn’t accept his proposal, where would that leave her career? Amy needed a father, after all.Then again, her first marriage had been nothing short of a disaster. Taking things slow on a beautiful luxury ranch in Wyoming to think things through over Thanksgiving and Christmas might be exactly what she needs, except for one factor she doesn't ...
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