Jaclyn Osborn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

Monogamy is unnecessary punishment. At least, that's what Leo Cartwright thinks. He's cheated on every boyfriend and girlfriend he's ever had. Not because he can't keep it in his pants, but because he's never met anyone who made him want to. He's happy bed-hopping his way through life, never committing and never settling. When the fall semester begins, he moves into his dorm room with the intent to party his way through his sophomore year, all the while refusing to face the demons of his past.That is until he meets Saint, and suddenly, he doesn't want to be with anyone else.Saint wants a real connection with someone, but being a major introvert and having social anxiety makes it difficult. After an incident in high school turned his world upside down, he's sworn off all parties and all fun. The only thing he cares about is getting through college and making something of himself. That is ...
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