Paul James
Publisher: James Gang Enterprises
Pages: 145

Welcome to The Modest Proposal Institute Like many young men, Alexis dreams of adventure and being an adventurer, a Viking or a Pirate, or maybe just your movie-style heroic action man saving the Western world. He knows that he’s going to do it by leading his new school, an offshore boarding school and university built by his grandfather and a retired engineer, to ever greater success. The only barrier he sees standing in his way is a kid called Shane. Shane is only at the school because he somehow upsets people whenever he speaks, which isn’t too surprising because while they're very ordinary, he’s very extra-ordinarily clever. It turns out this strange island school is full of misfits like him and he quickly sees that his destiny is to lead it to worlds away from the people who rejected him. His only real rival for head of the Institute is a kid called Alexis.Each of them ...
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