James Wilmot
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 67

Who is Father Christmas?"It's a question asked by every child. Now, for the first time the true story can be told. It is a tale of courage, magic and wonder from the far away frozen north. Author James Wilmot tells the true story of Niklas and The Mountain King. In it you will learn how Father Christmas came to be. This is the True Story of Santa Claus.PrologueThe wind howled over the crest of the mountain driving snow and ice into his eyes.The deer surged forward, but the snow was too deep.“Onward boys, Onward!”Just a little further.The deer were up to their haunches with snow. The sleigh began to stick.“Onward boys, Onward!”The deer pulled one more time.The body of the sleigh came away from its runners and rolled over into a deep drift of snow.It rolled over several times and finally up righted, but it was now completely covered in snow.He stayed at the reins and called into ...
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