Ketley Allison
Publisher: Mitchell Tobias Publishing LLC
Pages: 278

He's an arrogant chef with a taste for innocence.She can't resist the bad boys.Their cravings are about to get them into trouble. SOPHIEAfter I witnessed what my best friend went through, I swore it would never happen to me.But that's when it happens, doesn't it? You get drunk, meet a hot guy with so many tattoos you wonder where the rest are, and sleep with him.Hard. Multiple times in one night.Suddenly, that sworn oath turns into a curse word.I'm pregnant.And I never said the hot guy I met was nice.ASHI'm nobody's fool.I'm rich, I'm hot as hell, and women sleep with me for both.It's not like I mind, since we both get something out of it. One thing they'll never touch, though, is my checkbook.I may have a ton of wealth, but I don't have a lot of trust.Then I meet Sophie.She's spunky. Blonde. Loves whiskey and my tats.Next thing we do, is make it to my bed, and we don't get out of it ...
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