Arizona Tape
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 158

Two wrongs make a right, at least when you have a disturbed mind like Zafira. Behind the beautiful face she hides a dark and twisted personality that loves playing with people and their feelings. Her next toy? The beautiful princess that's about to marry her brother. Game on.—The familiar rush of adrenaline danced through my veins as I breathed in the heartbreak on my last victim's face. She’d been far too easy to seduce, but still, the devastation in her eyes excited me. For a moment, I dropped my carefully sculpted mask and flashed her a smile. My real smile.Her heart broke all over again as I shattered her beautiful illusion of me. She would never trust again. Oh, how it enthralled me. Their pain was addicting and I just couldn't get enough. But who to play with next?—Twisted Games is a dark and twisted lesbian romance, with a lot of sensitive and harsh topics. Be mindful when ...
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