Maxx Whittaker
Publisher: Saving Throw Ink
Pages: 101

Bargains With Gods & Monsters... With the garden breached and his identity revealed, Lir must fight harder and faster than ever to defeat the Temple of Cocidius and save his sister.Lysperia awaits as his seventh trial, a realm known as the Gateway of the Fallen Champions, where death is an honor and crowds abandon their homeworlds to become eternal spectators. In the games of Lysperia's grand arena a goddess seeks her consort, but Lir quickly discovers that magic twists everything inside the coliseum. It pits ally against ally and works to keep the Artifact beyond his reach. Winning the arena may be a punishment all its own; in defeating Lysperia's curse Lir risks igniting Mordenn's wrath beyond anything so far, with his Artifacts in the balance. To have any hope of surviving the Gateway and the god of death, Lir must rely on an assassin who wants him dead and a thief who wants ...
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