Alison Ingleby
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 540

One world. 12 possible futures. Get your copy of this limited edition collection of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction today!From the ashes of the world that was, a new dystopia will emerge...Join our gritty heroines and courageous heroes as they battle for freedom. Their societies are divided by politics and technology, devastated by war, climate change, toxins, and plague.Fighting for the future will mean conquering their pasts, but not everyone is who they seem. In these futuristic worlds, every day is a fight for survival.Discover 12 page-turning stories from bestselling and award-winning dystopian authors that will leave you shocked, fascinated, and entertained.Will hope prevail? Or is the darkness just too strong?One click On the Brink now to discover what the future could hold.Including:The Machinist's Daughter by Alison InglebyPoisoned Earth by Heather Marie ...
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