Michael Winn
Publisher: MW Publications
Pages: 265

“…a superb thriller.” -IndieReaderNothing is what is seems. A horrific accident. A dead girl. A long-held secret. All the lies and deceit lead to the same mysterious room. This psychologically astute, character-driven thriller unfolds within a sleepy New England college town where Ava Marie Stassi is a young, adjunct professor struggling to advance her career while coping with a recent break-up. After tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Ava is forced by circumstance to match wits against a volatile student, Jared, who brings pent-up hostility fueled by a dark past into her quiet, mundane life...and into The Curing Room.“…a psychological thriller with an unforgettable twist.” -Foreword Clarion THE CURING ROOM by Michael Winn is smartly written and expertly crafted novel written in the tradition of Megan Abbott, Ian McEwan, Kate Atkinson, Sarah Waters, and, of course, Gillian ...
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5 stars from 9 ratings
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