Colin Taber
Publisher: Thought Stream Creative Services
Pages: 1190

Welcome to Norse America!In this collection you will find the first four instalments of a grand retelling of history. The beginnings of a glorious saga befitting the Viking age!The Norse settled Greenland in 985AD and reached continental North America not long after - almost five centuries before Columbus - but left.What if they had stayed?Imagine what may have happened, how the world we know might be different…Would the British still have built their great empire? What of the Spanish, Portuguese and French imperial expansions? What about the two catastrophic world wars our timeline has endured?Would there still have been some kind of American Revolution and Civil War? In such an alternate history, might the American Bible Belt celebrate the All-Father Odin, Freya and Thor instead of Jesus Christ? Indeed, what kind of America could have arisen?We begin with The Landing as the Norse ...
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