Kelli Callahan
Publisher: Kelli Callahan Books
Pages: 175

I might be a nice girl, but I'm going to make the naughty list this year...I was shopping at the mall when I saw him.The hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on.He was everything I wanted for Christmas.But he wasn't alone.He had a twin brother that was just as hot.Why settle for one candy cane when I can have two?I've been the nice girl my whole life.It's time for me to make the naughty list.It might be snowing outside,But they know how to turn up the heat.Kelli's Note: This is an over-the-top Christmas romance that will make you wish you had twins under your Christmas tree this holiday season! You might want to put panties on your list before you read it. This is a safe story and the HEA is guaranteed!
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