Jack Huber
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 622

Pat Ruger is a retired detective living in Colorado. His ex-partner, Jimmy Stewart (no, not THE Jimmy Stewart), is a recurring character in the series, along with his business partners and other interesting folk. This compilation includes Books 1 through 3, "Pat Ruger: For Hire," "Pat Ruger: Caribbean Shuffle" and "Pat Ruger: Native Species."In "For Hire" Pat begins his private investigation adventure with a missing person case that leads him to meet his new agency partners, a cult, the FBI, a new girlfriend, the Muslim community, and a bomb threat.In "Caribbean Shuffle" Pat and Jimmy go on a cruise vacation that brings a murder investigation, pirates, a standoff with the Venezuelan Navy, and a scientist that wants to defect.In "Native Species" a Native American tribal leader in Western New York is murdered and Pat's investigation with his ex-fiance from the FBI leads them to ...
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