Criss Carr
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 169

Brielle and Rome have been together for eight years, but, something seems off!Brielle is tired of being neglected and ignored in her relationship and finally opens up to her best friend, Tangie. Since Tangie has heard it all before, she gives Brielle information to a company that offers 'the boyfriend experience' in hopes that they would be able to help her failing relationship.But... when Brielle hears that ONE question "Desired or Dominated?" from Solo, the sexy, baritone dominatrix, will her lack of intimacy with Rome make her do the unthinkable and fall into the arms of another man? Or, will she take what she has learned and apply it at home to make sure she is more desired by her own man?This BDSM Erotic Romance will leave you gasping for air and desired to be dominated!Grab your toys, get naughty and put your phone on DND... You don't want to miss this one!
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