Jack Huber
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 487

Pat Ruger is a retired detective living in Colorado. His ex-partner, Jimmy Stewart (no, not THE Jimmy Stewart), is a recurring character in the series, along with his business partners and other interesting folk. This compilation includes Books 4 through 6, "Pat Ruger: Children's Reprise," "Pat Ruger: Seattle Reign" and "Pat Ruger: Oblivion Highway."In "Children's Reprise," the cult Pat dealt with in Book 1 returns for retribution, with fatal repercussions from the plans of the group's hidden leader. In "Seattle Reign," Pat's murder investigation takes him to the CIA & FBI, while international intrigue draws him to Seattle and unforeseen repercussions. In "Oblivion Highway," Pat begins a new chapter of his life when he takes a motorhome out on the road for an extended period of time. Retirement is sweet until the country legend of the Oblivion Highway manages to gain his ...
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