Mark Boutros
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 336

Will Karl find his true home before he’s killed by a crazed Man-Hawk?Karl’s had a rotten week. He lost another job, a tyrant Man-Hawk invaded the only place he ever called home, and to make things worse, a greedy parrot just revealed that Karl isn’t who he thinks he is. Clueless and hopeless, Karl has to find a portal to his real home before he’s captured. Luckily he has the help of an Oaf, obsessed with revenge but incapable of killing, and Questions, the last of her kind who can only talk in questions.And so Karl’s adventure begins. He’s forced to explore a magical world that terrifies him. He'll make friends, enemies and put his hand in dragon dung. It’s an adventure he doesn’t want to be on, but one which will change his life… forever.International Emmy nominated writer, Mark Boutros, brings you a warm, humorous and sometimes dark fantasy about friendship, featuring magic, monsters ...
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