Gina Heron
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 236

Bay is standing on a stage in Nashville, on the verge of achieving her dream of a record deal, when she learns she may have lost what matters most to her. Scott, her childhood sweetheart, has gone missing in Afghanistan. The news of his capture by the Taliban strips Bay of her voice at the biggest moment of her life, sending her into a tailspin that lands her on her parents’ doorstep for Christmas, for the first time in years. Old wounds between Bay and her mother, Violet, break open as soon as Bay walks in the door. The gulf that’s divided them since Bay’s twin sister, Lillie, drowned at twelve years old, has grown wider as Bay put distance between herself and the family. As Bay tries to reconnect with them, she stumbles over clues that could unravel her mama’s long-held secrets—and tear her the LaFleurs apart. Armed with the truth, Bay finds herself in a fight to bring the ...
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