Thomas Lockhaven
Publisher: Twisted Key Publishing, LLC
Pages: 398

If you enjoy Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Boxcar Children, you’ll love the ‘Ava and Carol Detective Agency' series, a thrilling mystery series for children of all ages.Praise for The Ava and Carol Detective Agency Series:'It was rip roaring fun, it moved at a great pace, and my daughters (8 and 12) loved it!''A really fun book. Reminds of the books that got me hooked on reading as a kid. It's a children's series but even adults will enjoy it.'This exclusive box set includes:The Mystery of the Pharaoh's DiamondsRuthless international diamond smugglers think they’ve gotten away with the perfect crime, stealing the famous Ramesses diamonds from the Hancock Museum of Archeology. Until…Twelve-year-olds Ava and Carol explode onto the scene. Bursting at the seams with energy and sass, the humbly hip duo is determined to catch the bad guys and return the stolen jewels.It’s a race against time ...
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