Brandon Williams
Publisher: KDP
Pages: 330

***Listen to audiobook chapters on YouTube***Author’s Purpose: I wrote my story with the struggles and plight of Black America in mind. I speak out against sexism and domestic violence against women. I speak in a like fashion regarding racism and police brutality against minorities. I am a former police officer and I am a minority. My story is written in expository and persuasive form. This approach departs from the traditional narrative form where a story flows chronologically. Audible Reviewer: "Amazing Story! This book was an awesome story of heartache, pain, struggle leading to success. It proves a rose can grow from the sidewalk."Goodreads Reviewer: "Very uplifting story! It never dragged. It provides great insight into what so many of us, myself included, would not have is well written. I enjoyed the read."Amazon Reviewer: "A wonderful book with an important ...
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