Lisa Caprelli
Publisher: Happy and Fun Lifestyle LLC
Pages: 191

Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds is for any innovative young mind, as early as 5th grade to teenagers, young and curious people who want to learn more! You can go, do and be anything you want! This book contains true stories on what makes a meaningful, happy and purpose filled life, not just a successful one.This book is also on Audible!Skip a Step is not another get rich quick guide from business moguls who amassed a fortune. Skip a Step is meant for a new generation, kidpreneur, or adult of any age, who do not just want to get rich, but wish instead to find meaning, happiness and purpose in life. Each chapter contains a story by an entrepreneur or leader making a difference in the world and divulging the wisdom they received from slaying the dragons in their own lives to achieve success. It is not just about wealth or success that we want you, the reader, to ...
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