Candia Sanders
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 214

We need a better conversation about death, and more importantly, life after loss. More than just a story of resilience, When Eagles Soar, offers other women support through: · Short, optimistic chapters· An exploration of important spiritual concepts· Much-needed stress management strategies When Eagles Soar is much more than a practice of healing through grief; it’s a toolbox for thriving beyond the loss of loved ones. Follow author, wife and daughter Candia Sanders on her journey from an intuitive caregiver to ultimately, cosmic communicator. Open up your heart and let Candia support you on your journey, allow her to present you with proof that eternal relationships can live on forever. Yes, at this moment you may not believe, and that’s okay, but Candia asks you to keep an open mind about her ability to communicate with the Other Side through ...
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