S. F. Hick
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 298

“My name is Tempo. I come from a world in the sky. It was meant to be a haven, a place for those looking to escape the violence below. But, as with most things, it didn't last.”In a cruel near-future, freedom is only as far as you can jump. The streets are rife with violence, and the homeless have taken to the rooftops in order to survive.Tempo and Harmony, sisters with a unique talent for freerunning, leap the deadly gaps between buildings, pushing the boundaries of their world farther and farther. Then tragedy strikes: Harmony is snatched and lost to the darkness below.Grief-stricken and alone, Tempo joins a small team determined to expand the rooftop sanctuary. Here, she finds friendship, romance, and a purpose; she's the only one who can make the leap to the new world.But saboteurs will do whatever it takes to stop the expansion and soon, things turn deadly.Can Tempo and Harmony ...
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