Amy Vansant
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 205

Broch and Catriona hit Vegas for another breathtaking adventure in book four of the delightful Kilty romantic suspense series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Amy Vansant. When one of Parasol Pictures' assets gets himself into gambling trouble, Broch and Catriona are dispatched to Las Vegas to pay the debt --- only to find it needs to be worked off. To fulfill the debt, they'll battle a mad Russian with an unhealthy interest in Catriona's kickboxing skills...When Broch is left for dead and Catriona taken, it's a race against time to reunite before the Russian's plans come to their twisted conclusion.Back in Hollywood, Catriona's recently returned time-traveling father has his eyes on her adoptive father, Sean. When Sean discovers Rune possess powers he never imagined, it will take an old and unusual friend to set things straight.Fans of Janet Evanovich, J.D. Robb ...
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