Lorelei Brogan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 386

Welcome to Devil’s Pass, home to some of Texas’s wealthiest ranches and most dangerous outlaws. Here the line that separates the righteous from the criminals is blurred and it’s hard to know who to trust. Sarah King was living through her darkest moments. Her parents were dead, and her brother was the accused killer. She’s not about to lose the only family that she has left. To protect him and clear his name, she’d do just about anything, even if that means partnering up with a dangerous bounty hunter.Jarrod Briggs learned long ago that the only thing that mattered in this world was money. Justice weighs little on his conscious, but when the beautiful and feisty Sarah holds him at gunpoint, Jarrod agrees to look into the King killings. That means trading favors with Devil Pass’s most conniving and manipulative outlaws all while doing his best to keep Sarah out of harm’s ...
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5 stars from 99 ratings
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