Katy Haye
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 244

A powerless princess. Forbidden magic. An impossible choice. Princess Jurelle is a pawn, a downtrodden daughter expected to obey her father in all matters.But when the King orders her to marry the brutal king of Surran, her obedience finds its limits.Determined to fight her fate, Jurelle uses forbidden magic to steal her father's dragonette. When the theft brings her into danger, Jurelle is saved by Lyo, a Surran refugee working against the king Jurelle is promised to wed. Lyo and his friends make her see she doesn't need to accept a future chosen for her by others. But all the while, Jurelle's magical powers are growing in strength. Soon she won't be able to hide them - and the price of magic is death.Jurelle is forced to make a heart-breaking choice between a safe life hiding her abilities, and a dangerous existence setting her magic free - but losing everything she's ever ...
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