Cora Reed
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 243

They fake a relationship to save a failing mountain lodge, but as the boundary between a fake and real relationship blurs, things get wild… She manages the lodge during the day and writes steamy romance novels at night…Quinn Lawson manages the upscale lodge in Magnolia Valley and she prides herself on running every aspect of it—and her life—perfectly. But now, with the lodge facing financial ruin after its owner fled the country, she’s forced to partner with the last person she wants to work with: Caine Wilder, the famous tennis player. After his career-ending injury, Caine drinks too much and flirts with anything that moves. But the worst part is, Quinn can’t stop thinking about that shirtless Sports Illustrated cover he did. When they’re have to pretend to be a couple to secure investors, Quinn sees beneath his playboy mask to the man beneath, and it becomes ...
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