Cora Reed
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 212

She manages the lodge during the day and writes steamy romance novels at night...Quinn Lawson manages the upscale lodge in Magnolia Valley and there has never been a problem too difficult for her to fix. But now, with the lodge facing financial ruin, she's forced to partner with the last person she wants to work with, former tennis star Caine Wilder. When circumstances force them to pretend to be a couple, Quinn sees far more of Caine and it is more and more difficult to conceal her attraction and hide her well-kept secret. She is Elois Montgomery, the popular romance author, and the sexy main character in her latest novel is based off of Caine. He's a playboy tennis player with a recently ruined knee, forced to take over his family's failing business... Caine has never had any trouble charming women, but the lodge's beautiful manager is immune to his charms. No matter what he does ...
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