Raven Gabrielle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 301

​A Course in Miracle Healing is a day-to-day transformational healing journey that gives one an understanding of life's purpose, life after death and gain better access to the divine help that is guiding us here on earth. Guided by Gifted Psychic (Spiritual) Healer Raven Gabrielle, *You will learn how to heal yourself. *​Find hope and support- even in your darkest times,*Use your intuition to receive divine guidance &*Interpret visions and dreams to visit with loved ones and gain important insights from your divine team.On this journey you will no longer feel alone or misunderstood.​You will have Raven's loving support encouraging you every day. A Course in Miracle Healing originated as an e-course and due to its popularity Raven Gabrielle was asked by students of the course to put it into a print form for further studying. The book includes Course 1-4. Each Course is 30 days long. The ...
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