Mark Romain
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 502

It’s been one hundred and eleven years since Jack the Ripper terrorised the gas lit streets of Victorian London, but now the grisly killings have started all over again and people are worried that history is about to repeat itself.When the mutilated corpse of a local prostitute is discovered on a building site in Whitechapel during the early hours of Sunday 31st October, it quickly becomes apparent to DCI Jack Tyler and his team of homicide detectives that someone has taken up the Ripper’s mantle and is seeking to emulate the terrible atrocities that gained his namesake such notoriety.‘Be afraid. This is only the start. Jack’s Back…’The chilling message, left by the killer on a wall near the body, and written in the victim’s own blood, catapults the detectives into a race against time as they strive to discover the New Ripper’s identity and stop him from striking ...
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