Stephen Sanford
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 400

“The Problem of Morgan”Earth, a back-water spec of habitation, far from anything important has mostly been left alone by the advanced civilizations of the Milky way galaxy. Everything changes when a war erupts between two powerful empires. It just happens that the backwater planet known as earth lies very near the front lines where the war is being fought. It’s suddenly an important place. Morgan is the flight systems operator/ pilot in the back seat of the two-place space fighter. During a fight near earth Morgan, the ace pilot is shot down, forced to eject into the God forsaken planet of earth. The pilot in the front seat doesn’t make it out, and for the first time in her life, Morgan is alone. She had been with him her entire life. She can’t be alone. Two attempts to rescue her come at once, the Alien Imperial Battlefleet for whom she flies, and the U.S. Navy, responding ...
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